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Our SDK allows you to try out our technology for free and set up a working proof of concept for 60 days, completely without obligation and without any strings attached. Fill in your e-mail address below and we will send you the instructions to get started...

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Our SDK includes:


Complete toolset

Our SDK contains all the tools, libraries, instruction and documentation to build a proof of concept and works for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Personal portal

You will get access to your own personal portal. In this portal you can download the required software, but also watch webinars or download technical whitepapers.


License Management Tool

You will have access to a demo-version of our online license management system.


Hardware Secure Element

You will receive a dongle which enables you to encrypt your software and to carry licenses.


We have encrypted our tools with our own technology, which results in needing a license to run it. We then opted for the highest form of security and stored the license in a hardware secure element.

We can either ship a physical master key in a form of a dongle, or provide acces to a cloud master key hosted by us.
Yes and no. We will not charge any money for the SDK, however we do expect you to put a little time and effort into this evaluation. Depending on your use case, building a proof concept can be achieved in several minutes.
Sure. Our evaluation-proces comes with with a short interactive webdemo session. During this session we can give you a push in the right direction. Via your personal portal you have several options to contact us during the evaluation.