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Software licensing done right

Our license manager and license models give you the ability to protect and increase your software revenues while seamlessly integrating into your existing business processes. It gives you flexibility to offer your product as a trial, subscription, pay per use or one of the many other license models. Get creative and start earning more money!
We have a full demo-version of our license manager ready for you. Simply request our SDK and start testing! Get our SDK

The importance of licensing

  • Piracy, theft and protection of revenue streams
    You don't want someone to reverse engineer the solutions you have invested years of R&D in to develop.
  • Enable New business models
    When encrypting individual parts of your software, you can sell different versions of your software but still ship the exact same built to anyone. You can also offer your software as a service. Or restricts the amount of users per license. The posibilities are endless.
  • Usage insight
    Keep track how your customers use your software and different features. Use this valuable data to implement crucial optimizations and to bind customers even better.

How DES Software licensing works

Our customers choose DES because it seamlessly integrates with their existing CRM, ERP and/or E-Commerce platform.

Our web-based license management creates a streamlined order and management process. It the ideal tool for license creation, activation, tracking and reporting and includes a portal for end user license management.

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Many types of license models available!

We don’t restrict the way you want to make money. In fact we support all types of licensing models —from standalone to network and more advanced ones like pay-per-use or feature-locked are readily available.

  • Time based licenses
    Issue a license which is valid for a certain period. License expired? Application stops working.
  • Feature on demand
    That one exciting and advanced feature in your software which makes the difference between you and your competitors. Put a seperate license on that, and sell it as a premium version.
  • Pay-per-use
    Bill you customers based on the number of units used. For example: with licence 'basic' your customer can export up to 10 videos per month.

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Cloud, dongle or bound to a system

To run applications protected with our solutions, you'll first need a valid license, which is stored inside a carrier. A carrier can be a hardware secure element, like a dongle. You can also make a system or machine a carrier by fingerprinting unique hardware-ID's and other elements, and binding the license to that unique fingerprint (software license). Licenses can also be stored in the cloud. A combination of all three is also possible without the need of changing your code.

Choosing the right licensing system

With DES License management you have all the tools you need to apply best practices in the field of software protection and licensing. Your software will be safe from piracy and the new business models will boost up your revenue. We have a demo version ready to convince you of our powerful and versatile licensing tool. Simply request our SDK and start selling software! Get our SDK


Yes, we support the use of our licenses in docker containers, images or even in the engine. You are in full control of what you allow.
Yes, three different license managing tools are included in our SDK.
Yes! Our consultants love to learn about your projects and products and highlight the new trends in licensing and how peers in your industry are applying the latest mechanisms. Quickly get in touch and let’s have a short conversation!