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Web-based License Manager

Our web-based license management solution enables license creation, activation, tracking and reporting. Some of the main features are:

  • Easy creation of Dongle-based, Software-based and Cloud-based licenses.
  • Integrating entire license management workflows into popular CRM, e-commerce, and ERP systems, such as SAP and Salesforce.
  • Delivering and managing licenses for your customers, either online or offline
  • Efficiently integrating your resellers into existing software distribution processes

When an order for a license is created in the license manager, it outputs an unique ticket.

software order

Activation via the web

Your users can activate and update licenses via a web-based user portal. The interface will take care of everything, they just simply insert their unique ticket and click “activate”.

software activation

Activation via your own application

To activate licenses inside your own application it works with the same source code as activating via the web and includes the same functions, but relies on your local application for the interface with the user. This local implementation is available as C#, Java, and C/C++ source code which gives the ability to work in offline scenarios.

For example, if there is no connection to the gateway you can create a request file. The user then manually takes this file to the web-based portal to receive the update they need for the software activation wizard.

software order


If your back-office system can communicate via SOAP or REST calls, you can integrate with our web-services based solution. Else, there is always the option to integrate with our command line tools.
Yes, three different license managing tools are included in our SDK.
Under the hood, our standard license activation process is always the same. When customers have offline systems where licenses need to be updated or activated they can use the offline activation process, which is based on file exchanges.