Products designed and manufactured by Data Encryption Systems have been assessed by BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security – USA), and classified as shown below.

  •   DK2 Parallel
  •   DK2 USB
  •   DK2 ExpressCard
  •   DK2 PC Card
  •   DK2E Embedded
  •   DK3 Parallel
  •   DK3 USB
  •   DK3 ExpressCard
  •   DK3 CF
  •   DK12 Parallel
  •   DK12 USB
  •   DK12 ExpressCard
  •   DK12 PC Card

ECCN : 5A992 AT1

The AT1 designation defines certain countries to which our products may not be exported. For current information please refer to Title 15, Volume 2, Chapter 7, Part 738—Commerce Control List Overview and the Country Chart, supplement 1 here which is deep in the bowels of