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Why Software Encryption?

Software is more at risk than ever before. Evolving threats, made possible by the rise and merging of technologies, means your software is more vulnerable to new forms of attacks than ever before.

Protection against Reverse Engineering

With our tools, your product will be encrypted with standard encryption algorithms (AES, ECC, and RSA). To prevent reverse engineering and tampering your binaries are injected with auto-protect mechanisms.

How the encryption works

Our runtime checks the client system to see if there is a valid license available. If present it will then launch the protected application. The application will never be totally unencrypted in memory, preventing potential attacks, like memory dumps. The encrypted license can be delivered inside a hardware secure element like a USB dongle, bound to a unique fingerprint of a system, or in the cloud/network.


No. The use of our wrapper does not require any change in your source code. You just integrate it as a post-build process. Encryption operations are carried out after compilation of your software and before creation of the setup. Our wrapper is available both via graphical user interface and command line tool. As a command line tool, it can run in continuous integration in an automated build system.
Our recommendation is to automate all steps in the build process, which can be done in virtually all build setups (even cloud-based build servers). Compilation, protection and signing should be included as standard consecutive steps. Since all our protection tools have a command-line variant, they are always easy to integrate. However, to discover all options and parameters available in our tools the GUI is very handy.
Decryption and encryption always takes some computing power, with that in mind we developed our security mechanism in such a way as to minimize any performance loss . However, no application is ever the same, therefore we have included extra options to let you tweak and optimize security parameters so you can decide what works best based on your needs. Many real-time processes have been successfully protected with our tools and we can always assist and advise on this matter.