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Encryption for C# and .NET

Our solution for C# and .NET encrypts methods and classes of the software you want to protect. Best-of-breed anti-debugging and anti-disassembly methods are then injected into your software, creating a true safety shell.

Individual methods are loaded in encrypted form and stay encrypted until called, at which point they are decrypted in the background automatically. After translation by the JIT compiler, the methods get removed again from the memory, minimizing the time the code spends in unencrypted form. This has a negligible effect on the software performance in return for a very high level of protection.

Encryption for JAVA

Encryption tools for Java are available as a command line tool and can also run as continuous integration in an automated build system. Our encryption wrapper injects honeypot traps disguised as additional methods into your code.

Any attacker/hacker trying to crack or reverse-engineer encrypted functions will stumble into one of the traps at some point. This activates a secret command and locks the license – stopping the attacker and preventing any further decryption of more functions. On top of these traps, you can also add own methods to create even more alluring honeypot traps.
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Encryption for C / C++

Since 2004, our extensive toolkit has been developed in and for native code. It’s what we love and what we always will support. For C/C++ software we have the broadest range of our toolset and solutions available.

Encryption for Embedded platforms

Our static library provides licensing and cryptographic capabilities via a dedicated API for many leading embedded operating systems like Linux Embedded, VxWorks, QNX, and Android.

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Encryption for Python

With our new Python protection capabilities, you can encrypt code in its original form, and keep it safe and encrypted right up until it is actively needed, ending one of the all too common loopholes for hackers: extracting code from the memory of a device. Individual pieces of code can be encrypted and licensed separately. Learn more

Encryption for Scripted languages

JavaScript, PHP, and HTML5 used to be the languages of choice for simple scripts or browser and other web applications, but with the introduction of applications and environments/frameworks like Electron and node.js this is thing of the past.

We have several options available to encrypt, protect and license (web)applications.
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We do not provide ‘one’ wrapper. In fact, with our SDK you get a license for the standard Suite of wrappers, including the latest version of our wrapper for Windows applications or DLLs, for .NET, for Linux applications or shared objects, for MacOS or Dylibs, for JAVA applications (*.jar / *.war) file and for .NET Standard 2.0 assemblies. Additionally, we can provide the license to unlock other versions per request.
We support nearly every type of kernel right out of the box, with specific licences to use our tools on these platforms. If necessary we can quickly modify our toolset in a matter of days to suit your specific set-up.