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encrypt python code

Python file encryption

Our encryption wrapper for python protects Python code against reverse engineering. Simply load up your file in our wrapper and continue with one of the following configurations:

  • Standard Config
    Encrypt the entire Python application with an automatic simple license-check to run the app.
  • Advanced Config
    Only encrypt certain functions of your Python code. Generate different licenses for each function later on.
  • Encryption Only
    Encrypt the entire application withouth licensing to prevent reverse-engineering. No license required with this method.


  • Python versions
    Python 3.x
  • Operating systems and platforms
    Windows x86, Windows x86_64, Linux x86, Linux x86_64, macOS x86_64

Protecting Python Code: Standard

Encrypting Python code with the standard config will result in a Python application with all methods encrypted. When trying to run the application a license is needed.
When a license is available, decryption happens on the fly. From UX perspective it's recommended to keep core functions out of the encryption, which enables you to show (error)-messages.
Minimal impact is expected on your application's perfomance. We offer many adjustable parameters to achieve the perfect balance between performance and security.

Advanced Config

With the advanced config you can encrypt and license individual parts of your Python code.
This allows you to distribute licenses only for selected features. When a user tries to access a function which requires another license, a message appears.

Encryption Only Config

Compared to the standard config, the encrypted application won't need a valid license to decrypt.
The decryption keys are simply hidden in the encrypted application which is then decrypted with our engine attached to the encrypted file.
As this happens in memory, the decrypted version of the file never appears on the drive, making reverse engineering extremely hard.

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In this case we advice you to use the 'Encryption Only Config
Sure. Simply request a SDK and you will receive the complete toolkit to build a PoC.
In the form, please specify that you want to encrypt Python code.
No. You can simply load up your .py file into our wrapper.