Advanced software encryption and licensing.

Encrypt and license your DLLs, EXEs, DMGs, LIBs, JARs, Distros and more!

software code

Free SDK available for proof of concepts

operating systems

For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Compatible with all major programming languages. Out of the box.
  • Java code encryption
  • c sharp encryption
  • .net code encryption
  • encrypt c code
  • encrypt delphi code
  • encrypt python code

Data Encryption Systems
Windows, Mac, Linux, VM licensing

One-click automatic encryption →

That's right. Simply load up your file or application in our automatic wrapper and it will output it encrypted. You can also use our comprehensive and fully documented API to do it manually. Or mix both.
embedded software encryption

Embedded Software →

Everything you can do with our toolset on the standard Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms you can also do for your embedded software and systems.
flexible licensing management

Flexible Licensing →

Your encrypted file or application only runs with a valid license. This can be stored in a dongle, in the network / cloud, bound to a specific system or a combination of all!
Windows, Mac, Linux, VM application encryption

Our Solutions

Our product portfolio is oriented according to questions of current relevance in many industries like healthcare, media and broadcasting, industrial and research and defence.
software encryption

Software Encryption

Our core business. We support many types of software, written in any language for any platform, including embedded systems.

More about Software Encryption →
dongle licensing

Hardware based licenses

The most secure way of providing a license. We have many form factors available varying from USB to ASIC.

More about Hardware based licenses →
hardware fingerprint license

Software based licenses

Easy to deploy licenses based on unique parameters of a device or system.

More about Software based licenses →
cloud licensing system

Cloud based licenses

The flexible way of licensing, based on login credentials.

More about Cloud based licenses →
licenese management

Online License mangement

Our online management solution that helps and automates the creation and delivery of licenses.

More about Online License mangement →
Code encryption and obfuscation tools

Encryption only

Ideal if you already have your own licensing in place, or just looking for a simple but effective solution against reverse engineering.

More about Encryption only →